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I have been looking for ways to stop burning gas for 10 years. I converted a Mini Cooper to Hybrid by adding an electric motor to the back. I am currently converting an Acura Integra to all electric. I just found out about this great new product that allows the Toyota Prius to be plugged in and be driven on electric only for a great price and minimal change to the prius. With Colorado offering an 85% rebate, it is too good to pass up. For details, see my welcome page.

I became interested in electric bikes as a way to get exercise, and save gas. I did a lot of research, read all the reviews, and decided that Bike Electrified from Wilderness Electric is the best product at the best price. I bought a kit from someone on Ebay. I couldn't be more pleased. I liked the product so much that I decided to become a dealer for Wilderness Energy. This page describes my experiences with their product, but I encourage you to look at their products on their web site (Wilderness Energy), and compare to other competing products. I am sure that you will agree with me. Click here for my price list.  I will beat anyone's price, so let me know if you are interested.

After I won the auction on Ebay, the seller contacted Wilderness Energy, and had them ship the kit directly to me. I believe that they sent it the next day. It arrived in just a few days. Upon opening the box, I was a bit surprised by the weight of the components. I believe that they are as light as possible while still providing the amount of power and duration that they do.

The kit was extremely easy to install and comes with everything needed. I removed my old front wheel, and tire. I mounted the old tire on the new rim, and attached the new rim to my bike. At first I was concerned because Wilderness Energy recommends having 3 3/4" of clearance at the axel, and 4" clearance to a minimum of 5" up from the fork mountings. My forks were 3 3/4" straight, and worked just fine. Next I connected the wires, which have goof proof connectors. I wrapped the little bit of extra wire around the seat post. The luggage rack mounted on the rear easily enough. If you have rear suspension, you will probably have to hang the battery in the center of the bike. The battery case has strong Velcro mounting straps. The throttle slid onto the handle bar, and I was ready to go.

I can't describe what a pleasure it is to know that I pedal when I want to, not because I have to. My commute to work is 9.1 miles up and down some pretty good hills. Going do work is more down hill. Before installing the motor, I rode my bike to work, and took 45 minutes to get there. I didn't get to ride back home because my tire went flat. Given the hills, I don't think my knees would have gotten me home anyway. After installing the motor, I get to work in 30 minutes, and get back home in 35 minutes. I only use three gears. 16 to get started, then I use the motor to accelerate, 17 up hills, and 18 on the flats. The motor accelerates up to about 20. If I am feeling lazy, the motor will pull me up the worst of the hills at 15 MPH without pedaling. I usually pedal a bit just because it feels good, and go up the hills at 18. It is great fun to pass the hard core bikers up the hills while just pedaling at a relaxed pace.

I chose the blushless motor because it is more efficient, and will never require brush replacement. The standard 7 AMP battery is just the right size for my commute. I am planning to buy a second Brushed motor to put on my wife's bike. That way I can do a side by side comparison. I will update this report when I have that info.

As promised, I bought the Brushed motor, and at first I was disapointed because it didn't seem to have the punch of the brushless, but I soon found that the extra power was able to carry me to a much higher top speed, and up the hills faster. I deffinitely reccomend the extended range battery to go with this motor since it is 600 watts instead of 400.

Another update, WE now has a 600 AMP brushless.  This has even more power for hill climbing, and a top speed of about 25MPH.  For a bit more money up front, I have been using a 20AH LiFePO4 battery that gives me 60 miles range.

If you are ever in the area (Boulder Colorado), and would like to take a test ride, let me know. I am always happy to show off my new toy. And of course if you are ready to buy, I can have the factory ship one to you at a great price.

My current projects include one and two motor bike trailers that carry their own batteries, converting a car to electric, and making a trailer to tow behind an electric car that has a motor, generator, and fuel tank to allow the electric car to go long distances.

If you are interested in more details, please send Email to: dave@econenviro.com